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I have a lot of hobbies and interests.
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Cluster Upgrades

upgrading k8s on my rpi cluster

Cluster Upgrade Work I run a small fleet of Raspberry Pi 4 servers that all run Raspbian. One this cluster I am running a kubernetes cluster that is made up of 2 master nodes and 3 worker nodes. I haven’t been paying all that much of attention to the cluster and feel a bit behind on the updates. We’ll cover what I needed to do to bring the cluster up-to-date so we can get fluxcd installed into the cluster for GitOps management of the installed apps and websites. [Read More]

Hugo Shortcode

Hugo Shortcode for Soundcloud

I recently had the need to embed an iframe into a hugo page. this isn’t an ideal thing to do since hugo uses markdown for describing the contents of the page. Hugo does however have a nice feature called ‘shortcode’. It’s basically an html partial that can be used in markdown. I needed to embed Soundcloud playlists into at least one page on this site. I am also using this site as the framework to convert tech-noid. [Read More]

Site Update

More Updates!

I think I have finally figured out this theme framework and the way that things take overrides.

Updates have been in the following places:

  • css formatting mods
  • new font installed
  • base fonts updated

New Site

The new site is live!

I have finally jumped into learning a new web architecture/framework. This site is based off the JAMStack model.

We’re using a number of technologies on this site at the moment:


  • self hosted kubernetes cluster
    • 5 nodes RPi Hardware cluster
    • External NAS Storage
    • containerd based oci backend
    • linkerd enabled sidecars for observability and monitoring
    • Prometheus, Grafana, Loki stack for dashboards
    • MetalLB loadbalancing and routing
    • SSL/TLS via Let’s Encrypt using cert-manager
    • FluxCD for GitOps
  • hardware loadbalancer using RPi4 running haproxy (DMZ routing)
  • oci-compliant multiarch images built via using docker buildx from CircleCI pipeline


  • hugo page generator
  • beautiful hugo theme
  • bootstrap js
  • fontawesome